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Social Cooperative EEUUM creates social value as orchestra.


“We are smarter than I am.” is the philosophy of common cooperatives.

“We are more beautiful than I am” is the philosophy of EEUUM.

Inside, we discover and support artists, create demands for classical performances, and provide artists with opportunities and jobs, while incarnating top-notch orchestras.

Outside, we present concerts and cultural healing activities for difficult neighbors to cultivate a healthy community and enhance communication capacity of our society.

Nice to meet you.

The Orchestral Ensemble Seoul is a society of promising young players who will lead the future of Korean classical music.

EEUUM is a social cooperative that has a mission to realize public benefits through culture and the arts.

The fact that OES and EEUUM became one and produced beautiful music has great significance in Korean arts history.

A cooperative is an open organization where both producers and consumers are owners.

When football players and fans become co-owners together to form football team, they become cooperative football team.

The famous ‘FC Barcelona’ is the cooperative football club.


We are also a cooperative where the producers, consumers and supporters of arts are all owners.

Through us, consumers and supporters can experience the world of beautiful ensemble, great performers will gain a high level of playing opportunities and people in need will be healed and drew strength with art.

That’s the spirit of social cooperatives, and that’s why we all love joining as copartner and co-owners.


The best musicians and social cooperative have come together.

This will be an opportunity to increase the quality of music while broadening the reach of classical music.


Please become the owner of EEUUM in the future where creating beautiful and elegant society.

Please take a step forward from the auditorium and become the owner of classical music.

Thank you.


Chairman KIM, Jong-Min | EEUUM, Former Minister of Culture & Tourism 



B.A. ​College of Law, Seoul National University | M.A. University of Minnesota Humphrey School | President of Korea Content Financial Cooperative | Minister of Culture & Tourism | Member of the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic executive committee | Chair-Professor of Korea National University of Arts | CEO of Korea Tourism Organization | President of World Ceramic Exposition 2001 organizing committee | Secretary to the President for Civil Affairs & Administration secretariat

Laureate of Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit (2002)

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