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이규서(2022)_17 ©2023. Shin-joong Kim

I’d like to ask you one thing seriously. “Why do you come to the concerts of OES ?”

There are only few good chamber orchestras in the world. ​That's because standing on stage with only a few repertoires is like an adventure. The purpose of the people who visit classical music concerts is mostly listening to great symphonies. The big orchestras and their heart pounding sounds used to attract us. 


The playing of a large orchestra tends to be 'one-sided.' The audience are easy to be overwhelmed by loud volume rather than listen to each line. On the other hand, the audience can experience following individual string and woodwind players building up layers of distinctive voices. That’s why I think chamber orchestra is a more intimate form of ensemble. Of course, I do like Mahler, often play Rachmaninoff and Brahms’ symphonies. However sometimes people would like to take off their suits and ties which are nice and expensive, and to take a walk around the neighborhood with casual attire. That’s exactly what I do sometimes with OES.


I set up the goal of "Our resolve is to make healthy music and present it to the public" as the music director of OES from its founding, and I and my colleagues are working to keep it. I would like to offer a simple, but sincere yet delicate food, rather than a stimulant and showy cuisine. And most of all, I want to make the food that its chefs are happy. So I and the orchestra have been alert to popularity and profitability. But, we are collaborating with the best artists in the best concert halls to bring the most decent shapes of us to you.

Now OES is still going through adolescence when it is compared to a human. I wish they could be raised as the youngest by experienced parent, but unfortunately they are in the hands of a young conductor who needs to grow up together with them. ​When I think of the growth of OES that wants to achieve higher ideals even though it is hard to produce every concerts, I feel sorry for them, but at the same time, I comfort myself with pride about them. Walking through this inspiring process with them, I am really happy.

OES and I can not be a representation of young musicians forever. As time goes by, we will become an establishment and a touchstone of Korean music society. At that time, we would like to be adults who play music that musicians of younger generation like us today can look up to. We want to be a proud orchestra of Korea that can sympathize with all generations and boast of to the worldwide.


As long as the conscience of the young musician is alive, we will not go easily albeit slowly. Whenever you need music, the Orchestral Ensemble Seoul will always be with you in deep impression.

Thank you.

Artistic Director & Chief Conductor





Gyu-Seo Lee

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